Hikari Aozora An innocent beauty with a pretty peaceful smile.

Hikari Aozora

Hikari Aozora
Date of birth: 1999-01-08 (23)
Height: 153 cm
Body Size: B85 / W58 / H83
Cup size: D cup
Debut: October 19


An innocent beauty with a pretty peaceful smile.

She’s from Yamagata Prefecture. She’s innocent and pretty.

The agency is C-More Entertainment.

It is a type of simple makeup, and the natural breast of the D cup is narrow and the papilla protrudes.
October 2019 SOD Create SODStar officially debuted!

Before her debut, she had experience in amateur activities with Hikari,

which was released in November after his debut.

Hikari Aozora dated her boyfriend for three years in high school and

stayed in the same room even though her boyfriend’s parents were far away from home.

She confessed that her first experience was secretly at home when her boyfriend’s parents were away.

Hobbies are eating out, specializing in gongsu, favorite food is cherries and curry lover.

Communication with fans through Twitter is active.

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