Bauer’s last ball of the season, he may have already thrown it.

“Bauer’s last ball of the season, he may have already thrown it.”

Trevor Bauer

It is predicted that the 2021 season of Trevor Bauer (30, LA Dodgers), who is under police investigation for female violence, may have already ended. This is due to the expectation that the legal battle will not end soon as the leave of absence continues to be prolonged. 토토사이트

The Athletic, a U.S. sports media outlet, reviewed Bauer’s investigation situation on the 27th (Korea time) and said, “Bauer may have already thrown his last ball for the Dodgers this season.”

“The right-handed pitcher has been on the Major League paid administrative list since July 2nd. Bauer’s current leave of absence expires on the 27th (28th Korean time), but the league and the players’ union will mutually agree on Friday, the report said. In other words, Bauer’s leave of absence will be extended.

The reason is obvious. This is because the investigation is not over yet. Bauer is accused of assaulting a woman in June. The woman who claimed the damage reportedly submitted 82 pages of data to the investigative authorities.

The woman claims to have been assaulted several times by strangling her to the point of unconsciousness, and she is determined to summon several witnesses, including the police officer who investigated the case during the hearing.

A hearing at the Los Angeles High Court is scheduled for August 2, August 3, and August 19, local time.

Bauer’s side is also mobilizing lawyers to prepare the data, but according to a report by The Athletic, the speed was slower than expected. Bauer’s legal team says it needs more time to review women’s medical records.

“There is no guarantee that a decision will be made on August 19,” said The Athletic.

It may take an additional time for the judge to hear witnesses and testimonies from both sides. If so, Bauer’s leave of absence is expected to continue.

Now, in order for Bauer to escape from his leave of absence, solid evidence of “not guilty” is needed. If the investigation is prolonged, Bauer’s return will inevitably be delayed.

If convicted, Bauer is likely to appeal, and the court battle will be prolonged. There is also a possibility that the MLB Secretariat will take disciplinary action.

The MLB Secretariat maintains a very strict stance on violence against women, children and families.

MLB Secretariat is also currently conducting its own investigation, but the court’s judgment comes first.

However, The Athletic said, “We can take disciplinary action regardless of whether or not we have a criminal charge.

” Even if the agreement is reached, the MLB Secretariat can discipline him if he is guilty.

In June 2018, Jose Torres was suspended for 100 games for pointing a semi-automatic gun at his wife.

Hector Olivera was suspended for 82 games for domestic violence in 2016, and Roberto Osusa was also suspended for 75 games for domestic violence in 2018. What’s the future of Bauer?

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