Korean women’s basketball team defeated by Spain

– Olympics. – Korean women’s basketball team defeated by Spain, the world’s third-largest player.

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Korean women’s basketball team fought well against Spain, the world’s No. 3, but failed to overcome the crisis at the end of the game and lost unfortunately.

Korea, led by coach Jeon Ju-won, lost 69-73 to Spain in the first Group A match of women’s basketball at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at Saitama Super Arena in Japan on the 26th. 토토사이트

Korea’s FIFA world ranking is 19th and Spain is 3rd, and Spain is far ahead of Spain in terms of power.

Korea has never met with Spain six times so far, losing by 46-83 points and 37 points in the final qualifying round of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In the final qualifying round of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, he lost by 20 points with a score of 50-70.

On the same day, the team was worried about losing by a large margin, but Korea suffered Spain in the third quarter of the third quarter.

In the first half alone, Kang Yi-seul (KB) led the offense, scoring 14 points, and Park Ji-soo (KB) also showed his presence under the goal, leading by 35-33 points and two points until the second quarter.

In the third quarter, South Korea also started the final fourth quarter by 53-54 points, exchanging leads with Spain.

However, he was hit by Sylvia Dominguez of Spain in the first defense of the fourth quarter and allowed a quick attack following a mistake, leading to a six-point gap.

In the next defense, the gap widened by more than 10 points due to a sudden lack of offense and defense at the beginning of the fourth quarter, including a three-point play to Asto Endor.

With 50 seconds left before Kang E-seul was dragged by nine points, he scored an additional free throw following a goal breakthrough, narrowing the gap to six points, and Park Ji-hyun (Uri Bank) boldly put up a layup in the subsequent attack, catching up to a four-point gap.

However, the remaining time was 17.8 seconds, and South Korea, which succeeded in defending with full pressure, gained the right to attack again 9.5 seconds before the end, but failed to score an additional point due to Kang E-seul’s three-point miss.

Kang E-seul scored 26 points and Park Ji-soo played with 17 points and 10 rebounds. However, the rebound was 30-48 inferior.

In this tournament, 12 countries will participate and divide into three groups to compete in a group stage, with the top two countries from each group advancing to the quarterfinals.

The remaining two spots in the quarterfinals will go to two countries with good group performance among the third-ranked countries in the group.

Group A consisted of Canada (4th) and Serbia (8th) in addition to Korea and Spain.

Korea will play the second game against Canada on the 29th.

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