Land Rover Supports Virgin Galactic Commercial Space Flight

Land Rover Supports Virgin Galactic Commercial Space Flight

Land Rover

Land Rover said on the 11th (local time) that Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, a commercial spacecraft operator, completed a mission to support the first full-scale space flight aboard.

Four mission experts and two pilots, including Richard Branson, completed their space mission aboard a Spaceport to Unity space flight at the Spaceport America launch base in New Mexico. 토토사이트

Land Rover served as part of the Virgin Galactic team’s daily lives, carrying out tasks such as towing and transporting spacecraft equipment and inspecting runways before takeoff to support the first private space travel company designed for commercial services. Richard Branson boarded the Range Rover Astronut Edition and arrived for the Unity 22 mission, and the space plane landed safely and was towed back by Land Rover All New Defender 110.

The Virgin Galactic’s fourth manned spaceflight was the first with a total of six people aboard. Passengers on board experienced the stunning view of the Earth from space, feeling weightless. Visitors from all over the world watched the process of space travel live and saw with their own eyes the amazing experience Virgin Galactic is creating for future space travelers.

“Virgin Galactic offers an adventure to experience a thrilling new top,” said Joe Everhart, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America. It’s a remarkable technological achievement and human achievement,” he said. “I’m proud of Land Rover’s support for the exciting mission of space flight, and I look forward to his role in all future flights.”

Virgin Galactic is the world’s first commercial ‘spaceline’. Reservations have been made with about 600 customers who wish to travel to space, and they will be transported by airliner using vehicles provided by partner Land Rover.

“We are more than happy to open up a space that will change the world with us, like Land Rover’s challenges and pioneering spirit,” said Steven Attenborough, chief customer officer at Virgin Galactic.

Jerry McGurban, chief design officer of Jaguar Land Rover, unveiled the Range Rover Astronut edition in 2019 with Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic. Produced by Land Rover SV Bispork, the luxury SUV is available only to customers who book Virgin Galactic’s space tourism service, and is a model to commemorate the shared value completed through Land Rover’s partnership with Virgin Galactic and the historic contribution of the Virgin Galactic customer community to the private future.

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