Lee Jong-beom, the grandchild of the wind, the Olympic road

Lee Jong-beom, the grandchild of the wind, the Olympic road that his father couldn’t go to.

Lee Jong-beom

Lee Jong-beom (51, current LG 2nd team batting coach), the son of the wind, is a star of the Korean professional baseball league.

He won the MVP of the regular season in 1994, two years after his debut. Until his retirement in 2011, he had a long career, including one batting king in the KBO League, four stealing kings, and five scoring kings. 84 stolen bases achieved in 1994 are still a single season record that remains unbreakable. Throughout his career, he has built a career that he is not envious of, but there is one thing that he has no connection with. It is the Olympics.
The timing was off. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, when he won the first Olympic bronze medal in Korean baseball history, he played in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) and failed to participate. The 2008 Beijing Olympics was outstripped in competition with young athletes. He achieved the semi-finals as the captain of the national team at the 2006 World Baseball Classic (WBC), but he has never participated in the Olympics.

It is Lee Jung-hoo (23, Raum), who is called “the grandson of the wind,” who soothes his father’s disappointment. Lee Jung-hoo was named in the final roster (24) of the Tokyo Olympics baseball team announced on the 16th of last month. He made his debut in the first division in 2017 and played consecutively at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018 and Premier 12 in 2019. He was also hired as a representative for the Olympics, so he took a path that his father couldn’t go. In the Tokyo Olympics, Park Gun-woo (Doosan) and Kim Hyun-soo (LG) are likely to be the main outfielders. Along with Kang Baek-ho (KT), national team coach Kim Kyung-moon is expected to be the main hitter 파워볼사이트

Unlike my father, the timing was good. At the Olympics, baseball lost its official Olympic status after the 2008 Games. However, the tournament was revived and Lee Jung-hoo took the opportunity. “I’ve wanted to go to the Olympics since I was a kid. “I grew up watching a lot of international competitions where my seniors participated and I thought I wanted to play on the spot one day,” he said. “In the Olympics, baseball events were adopted after disappearing, but this tournament is more meaningful because they can be eliminated again.

The Korean national team is the defending champion who won the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There is also a lot of interest in this competition. A total of six countries will participate in baseball to compete for medals. The medal color is expected to change depending on the result of the confrontation with the archrival Japan. “The Olympics are a short race,” Lee said. No matter how good Japan’s power is, it will be the other team that is under pressure because it is held in its own country and there is pressure on its performance. “It is Korea and Japan that are held in the special situation of the coronavirus era. We will do our best to give strength to the people.

Professional baseball is currently in crisis. There are many criticisms from both inside and outside the baseball world as players’ deviations have been confirmed one after another, such as drinking away from away accommodation during the season. Lee Jung-hoo said, “I hope the Olympics will serve as an opportunity to regain baseball’s popularity at a time when baseball’s popularity is gradually declining. “I will do my best in a given place with the goal of winning a gold medal,” he said confidently.

The Olympic road that the Son of the Wind couldn’t go. “The grandson of the wind,” who grew up watching his performance, penetrates.

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