Lee Si-young, a manny jacket look with missing bottoms!

Lee Si-young, a manny jacket look with missing bottoms! I’m ready for the shoot.

Lee Si-young

Actor Lee Si-young has revealed that she is preparing to shoot with a mannish jacket on a high-missing shorts.

Lee Si-young posted a picture on her Instagram on the background of a school bus with the hashtag “Celeb Beauty 3,” which is currently the MC.

In the photo released, Lee Si-young showed a black jacket-like black shorts with shapes on them. In addition, luxury handbags and black sandals are matched to complete stylish fashion with superior leg lines.

Meanwhile, Lee Si-young received great love for her role as Seo Yi-kyung in the Netflix original series “Sweet Home” last year and is currently hosting KBS Joy’s “Celeb Beauty 3.”

She is also the first Korean actress to have more than 10 million TikTok followers and is actively communicating with her fans.

Born in 1982, Lee Si-young, who is 40 years old this year, married a nine-year-old restaurant businessman and has a son, Jeong Yoon, in 2017.

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