M. Night Shamalan is back Old, No. 1 box office in North America

M. Night Shamalan is back…Old, No. 1 box office in North America.

Time Horror Thriller on the Fast-Faced Beach…”Provoking and creative.” 안전놀이터

“Old,” a time horror thriller directed by M. Night Shamalan, is released and the box office in North America.

Not only was it ranked first, but it was well received by foreign media, drawing keen attention.

“Old” (director M. Knight Shamalan), which was released in North America on the 23rd, includes “23 Identity” and “Six Sense.”

It is a work written and directed by M. Knight Shamalan, who presented dense production and original concepts.

It is a time horror thriller based on the fast-paced beach.

Foreign media who have seen the movie are “provocative and creative” (independent).

“Fierce Horror That Will Evade The Reality” (Daily Mirror) “A Unique Story Concept Gives True Horror” (MovieWeb)

“A movie that keeps you on your toes the whole time you watch it” (The Guardian)

It is giving favorable reviews on works and directors such as “M. Night Shamalan’s Watery and Natural Directions” (New York Times).

The time horror thriller “Old,” which is expected to top the North American box office at the same time as its release, will be available in Korea on August 18.

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