Park Chan-ho Re-challenge for KPGA on 22nd.

Park Chan-ho Re-challenge for KPGA on 22nd.

Park Chan-ho

Park Chan-ho of the Major League ‘Korean Express’ will compete in the official golf competition again.

Park Chan-ho, who finished the round of practice on the 21st, said on his Instagram, “It’s an honor to come to me again.”

He added, “It’s the start of your second challenge, and fighting tomorrow!”

Park Chan-ho was in the same group as Choi Ho-sung and Hwang In-chun in the first round of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour “YAMAHA HONORS K Open with Solago CC” held at Solago CC Solcos (par 72, 7264 yards) in Taean, South Chungcheong Province for four days from the 22nd to 25th.

“Park Chan-ho, who will play as a recommended player, will tee off at 8:30 a.m. on the first hole with Choi Ho-sung, a ‘fisher swing’ and Hwang In-chun, who has five wins in his career,” the KPGA said. 파워볼사이트

It is Park Chan-ho’s fourth appearance on the KPGA Korea Tour.

He participated with Kim Young-woong in the “Huons Celebrity Pro-Am” in 2018, the first time he participated, leading to the team’s victory. In 2019, he teamed up with Kim Young-woong and tied for 33rd place in the 2nd Huons Elavier Celebrity Pro Am.

In April, he participated in his first individual competition as a recommended player, not as a team, but failed the cut with a high score of 29 over par in the second round. However, he drew attention by showing off a 317.03-yard long shot in the second hole of the second round.

The competition will take place in the same way as last year’s Stable Ford.

Each hole has a different point depending on the score. If he records Albatross, he gets eight points, Eagle gets five, and Buddy gets two. If you write down par, there is no score with zero points, and the view is treated as -1 point and the double view or less is treated as -3 points.

“There is a bigger point difference depending on the score than the existing Stable Ford method, so more aggressive play is possible,” KPGA said. “The players who participate will not be able to score points no matter how far they go, so they will try to get more points than birdies.”

According to KPGA Korean Tour rules, title sponsors can recommend professional or amateur athletes with less than 10% of the participating players.

Amateur athletes can participate in the KPGA Korean Tournament if they meet only one of the requirements of ▲ National Standing Group or higher ▲ National Golf Association’s top five winning experience ▲ Official Handicap or lower.

Park Chan-ho was recommended for the tournament as he met conditions of less than 3 handicaps.

The competition will be held in the wake of the spread of coronavirus 19 and will be broadcast live through JTBC Golf, the KPGA network.

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