Rain Kim Tae-hee, “Third Pregnant,” another happening…

Rain Kim Tae-hee, “Third Pregnant,” another happening…”extremely personal” dismissals

Rain Kim Tae-hee

Non-Kim Tae-hee’s couple drew attention due to their third suspicion.
Rain posted a picture of the sky with a rainbow on his Instagram on the 20th and wrote, “Something good has happened.”

The post was followed by an atmosphere in which Rain’s acquaintances, including actors Kwak Si-yang, Lee Si-eon and PD Kim Tae-ho, left clapping emoticons in the comments. Fans also left congratulatory messages in the comments, expressing curiosity about what is a good thing.

Among them, some fans left questions about “good things” whether Rain’s wife Kim Tae-hee was pregnant with her third child. The couple have two daughters and have been constantly expected for their third child as they have been shed light on their loveliness.

Since then, the post has drawn attention, and Rain has drawn a line on the third suspicion, adding the hashtag “One-day, one-day, one-day good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He made it clear that the “good thing” he mentioned was only a very personal thing, not an issue surrounding his family.

The third happening surrounding the couple, Rain and Kim Tae-hee, also took place in October last year. At that time, Rain left a message saying, “Tomorrow, 12 a.m. small news,” and it drew a lot of attention as he expected to deliver the news of Kim Tae-hee’s third pregnancy.

In fact, the small news the next day was about introducing a new actor to Rain’s agency. Fans who desperately hoped for the third news of the couple, Rain and Kim Tae-hee, gathered much attention at the time and ended with a happy ending.

Rain once again dismissed the third suspicion, calling it “extremely personal,” but public interest in expecting the couple’s third child is expected to continue.

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