robot-AI investment Jung Eui-sun vs. ‘real city experiment’ Toyota

Beyond cars… ‘robot-AI investment’ Jung Eui-sun vs. ‘real city experiment’ Toyota


Chung Eui-sun, chairman of Hyundai Motor Group, Korea’s leading automaker, and Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Company, Japan’s largest automaker. It is the same that he is the third-year-old founder and the CEO who leads the automobile industry in both countries, but each person shows his or her own aspect in the business method. It looks into the two CEOs who are opening up the future of the global automotive industry.

Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun (51) and Toyota Motor Chairman Akio Toyota (65).

He is the CEO who leads Hyundai Motor Group and Toyota Motors, respectively, which are major automakers in Korea and Japan. The two companies have a lot in common in terms of personal aspects, such as being the number one automobile company in terms of sales volume in each country and the grandson of its founder. There were many similarities between the two in the first half of this year (January-June), when internal combustion engines were replaced by eco-friendly cars and hydrogen was considered a key energy source for the future. However, if you take a closer look, there were also a few points in which the two showed their distinctive characteristics.

The company’s track record and career as CEO are senior to Chairman Chung, but Chairman Chung is changing Hyundai Motor’s brand by continuing his big M&A and future industrial moves based on more than a decade of management experience. Analyzing the two’s movements and remarks in the first half of this year gives a glimpse into the future of the Korean-Japanese automobile industry.

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