Tesla model sold in China for 40 million won. Elon Musk

“It’s 70 million won in Korea…” Tesla model sold in China for 40 million won.

Elon Musk
The importance of the Chinese market to Tesla is growing. Tesla sold about 500,000 vehicles worldwide in 2020. Of these, 30% were sold in the Chinese market. As the Chinese electric vehicle market grows, competition between Tesla and local Chinese companies is intensifying. And Tesla recently launched a new ‘Standard Model Y’ produced in Chinese factories.

Tesla Begins a boycott in China

There was a big commotion at the motor show in Shanghai last April. It’s because a woman got on top of a Tesla car on display and staged a surprise demonstration. A woman wearing a white T-shirt, which said, “The brake is broken,” went up to the car and shouted, “Break is broken” and “Murderer,” and was eventually taken to the police station 파워볼사이트

The woman claimed that her father, who was driving a Tesla Model 3, had a major car accident due to a brake failure. Tesla said his father’s speeding was the cause and the brakes and emergency warning system worked normally. However, the Chinese government said, “The popularity of Tesla in China is attributed to the trust sent by consumers, and Tesla responds with arrogance and disregard for consumers.”

Finally, Tesla apologized for not solving the car owner’s problem quickly, and said it would cooperate fully with the government’s investigation. Afterwards, Tesla apologized for the second time when he even served as the General Directorate of the National Market supervision. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of Tesla’s boycott spread in China.

Tesla’s Card Standard Model Y

As China’s boycott atmosphere spreads, Tesla’s sales volume is also in trouble. Tesla’s sales in China decreased by nearly 30% last April. Finally, Tesla stopped expanding its Chinese factory. The card Tesla took out to change the atmosphere in China was due to the price of Model Y.

Tesla recently launched Standard Model Y with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. This model is produced in Tesla factory in China. Although the mileage is shorter and the performance is not good than the previous long range model, it is gaining huge popularity because the price is 276,000 yuan (about 48 million won).

According to local media in China, the Standard Model Y was so hot that about 15,000 people booked it in just two days as soon as it was released. A Tesla official said, “Model Y exhibition vehicles have recently been sold to stores nationwide, and orders have already been filled by September with so many people at each store recently.”

Currently, Tesla Model Y is sold for about 70 million won in Korea. Model Y Standard Range, the cheapest model, was abruptly discontinued in February and is not available now. It’s not clear whether the Standard Model Y, which is sold in China, will be introduced in Korea. However, if it is released in Korea, it will be formed at a similar price to Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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