Yui, 8kg but confidently missing bottom Still honey thighs

Yui, 8kg yo-yo but confidently missing bottom fashion…Still ‘honey thighs’.


After School actor U.E. reported how he has been doing.

Uee said on her SNS on the 21st, “One of the photoshoot schedules. “It’s not today, it’s a warning,” he said.

The released photo shows Yui wearing a short bottom on the beach and completing her “Ha’s Missing Fashion.”

In particular, Yu-yi, who appeared on SBS’ entertainment show “The Square of Taste and Nam” and drew attention by saying that she had 8kg of yo-yo as a side effect after taking a body profile with 18% body fat, showed off her solid “honey thighs.”

Uee, who made her debut as After School in 2009, has been offered a role in the drama “Ghost Doctor” and is considering it.

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