A drink from a strange man at the club…I had a general paralysis

A drink from a strange man at the club…I had a general paralysis for four hours.

Millie Taplin
An 18-year-old British woman went to a club, drank alcohol given by a strange man, and suffered a general paralysis.토토사이트

According to the Daily Mail and the New York Post on the 3rd, Millie Taplin (18),

who lives in Soutendon, Essex, England, experienced such symptoms.

It was her mother, Claire Taplin, 48, who revealed her story.

Claire posted Millie’s video on Facebook on the 1st, saying, “Someone put something on the drink and gave it to her, and this is what happened to her daughter.

“It’s unpleasant to reveal my daughter, but it’s worth sharing this video if you can save other girls,” he said.

Millie can’t straighten her fingers all bent. The mouth is also turned.

She moves her head as if she wants to talk, but her mouth doesn’t move as she wishes.

Millie went through this on the 31st of last month. I went to the club for the first time in my life to celebrate my 18th birthday.

An unknown man handed over vodka, and Millie reportedly felt uncomfortable after drinking it five to ten minutes later.

Millie left the club and sat in a nearby alley, though not drunk.

Friends who went to the club together were quickly taken to the hospital. He suffered from general paralysis for about four hours.

“It was terrible. She looked possessed,” Claire said.

“Who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t been with her friends,” he said. “I’m glad Millie only drank two sips.”

Millie is said to have been discharged the next day.

He also reportedly had symptoms of shaking his feet when he was discharged from the hospital.

“I was in my head, but I wasn’t in my body,” Millie told local media.

“I was so scared and I don’t want to go through this again,” he said.

Local police are investigating the incident. The man who handed Millie the drink has yet to be caught.

A club spokesman said, “When ordering drinks, you must stay in your seat, and you must not leave your seat behind.”

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