A timeless passion, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe

A timeless passion, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe

The SLS AMG Coupe, which has expanded its wings, is the determination of Mercedes Benz’s passion, determination and racing heritage. The Gulwing Door, Space Frame and Front Midship Layout’s sleek silhouette, and DrySump racing engine prove that the winning formula, which was introduced by Benz at 300SL 67 years ago, is still valid.

embody timeless enthusiasm

SLS, which means “Super Leacht Sport,” is the successor of the W198 300SL Gulwing (hereinafter referred to as 300SL) and a high-performance sports car that suggests the direction of the brand’s performance. SLS, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 on the 55th anniversary of the birth of the 300SL, is special to Benz and AMG in many ways. It is the first model led by AMG from initial design to completion, and Benz’s first aluminum space frame mass-production car is a work that has devoted cutting-edge technology to a thoroughly functional and beautiful design like 300SL.토토사이트

exterior, a modern interpretation of the legendary Girl Wing, is the work of then 29-year-old designer Mark Federstone, who was selected from the Mercedes-Benz internal competition. Sketch and final are usually different, but SLS is very unprecedentedly mass-produced.

The design that overshadows the half-a-hundred-year gap is plain in photos and videos, but it is breathtakingly dynamic and sexy in person. It features a large radiator grill with triangular stars, hardcore vents of power dome hoods and fenders, girly wing doors and long nose shodteck side silhouettes. Overall, it combines modernity and toughness with soft edges and elegance of classic racers. It gives off a unique aura that doesn’t resemble any other car.

Test-drive cars have iridium silver paint and classic red/black two-tone interior. It’s a great color combination that penetrates the racing heritage of Gahhi 300SL. This is also supported by the fact that five of the nine paint colors provided in the SLS are silver and gray.

The interior was minimally completed with the motif of aircraft such as horizontal dashboards affected by wings and vents resembling turbine nozzles. On the other hand, it finished various materials in a luxurious way, including sheet, dashboard, door panel, headliner, floor, and other places where people close their hands such as alkantara, velour, carbon and aluminum.

Although it is a bit disappointing that it used general-purpose parts for Center Passia’s 7-inch display and command system, it is more complete than the previous SLR McLaren (C199), which soothes its disappointment.

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