Barcelona’s first-team player angry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barcelona’s first-team player angry.


The financial problems of FC Barcelona in Spain’s Primera Liga have not been resolved even if they broke up with Lionel Messi (34).

“Negotiations are under way to cut most of the players’ salaries,” said The Athletic on Wednesday. “The players know that they are trying to sell them.”

A source close to Barcelona’s first-team veteran said to Diathlatic, “There are many players who get angry, and there are various reasons.”

“Neto wants a transfer and Philippe Coutinho is the worst. Miralem Pannic feels ‘fraud’. “It’s the fault of the former management who poured all the money into it, but this situation continued after Laporta and the new management won the election in March,” said Jordi Alba.

Pannic wore a Barcelona uniform in June last year in a trade with Artur Mellu.

However, he was offered a weekly cut in a year after the transfer, and is currently on the transfer list for the club’s policy to clean up high-paid players.

According to The Athletic, not only the players but also the fans’ public sentiment has deteriorated.

After announcing the breakup with Messi, some spectators continued to chant Messi’s name in the game against Juventus on the 9th, and booed him at Phanichi, Samuel Ummtiti and Martin Braight. They have not left Barcelona, which is why Barcelona missed Messi. The same goes for star Antoine Griezmann.

Another source said, “Greezmann is going to train in the morning, and it’s a pity that fans are shouting ‘You’re to blame for Messi’s departure’ to his car.” “It’s the club’s poor management responsibility.”

Some players are trying to detect the crisis and find a solution. According to Diathlatic, some players, including Gerard Pique, Macr Andreter Stegen, Frankie Dillon and Clement Langle, decided to receive the wages agreed with former chairman Joseph Bartomeu later.

“Pique, Busquets, and Alba will take the necessary actions,” sources said. “But everything is limited. They still have to cut much more wages. “It’s too difficult,” he said.

Barcelona without Messi will play the opening game of Real Sociedad and Primera Liga in Nucamp on the 16th.

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