Brooklyn, Golden State, Paul Millsap? Let’s see.

Brooklyn, Golden State, Paul Millsap? Let’s see.

Paul Millsap

The Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors are watching the transfer window.

According to Mike Singer of the Denver Post, Brooklyn and Golden State are interested in Paul Millsap (forward, 201cm, 117kg).

Millsapp has yet to sign a new contract this offseason. Because his contract with the Denver Nuggets expired at the end of last season. They signed a one-year contract last season, but they seem to have split up after the contract. Denver has already filled the front court with Jeff Green.

Millsap is in a situation where they have to seek a transfer. But the demand for that remains. Although he was a veteran, he can play his own role from inside to outside. The overall record fell last season, but it can play a role between the main players and the bench. It is enough to be responsible for an average of 20 minutes.

Last season, he played 20.8 minutes per game in 56 games, recording nine points (476.343.724), 4.7 rebounds and 1.8 assists. He failed to score double digits on average for the first time since the 2008-2009 season. The average score has been steadily decreasing since the 2016-2017 season.

Denver is led by Nikola Yokichi and Jermal Murray. In addition to these, a number of power senses are present. As a result, Millsap’s role has declined steadily since the transfer to Denver. His time on the field has been reduced and he played on the bench last season.

If he nestles in Golden State or Brooklyn, it’s enough to try to strengthen the power. The Golden State has not been with any significant veteran since David West retired. It can play a role on the bench as well as on the court. His skills and experience are enough to strengthen the Golden State front court.

Golden State have already signed off-season with Nemanja Belitsa and Andre Iguodala. As stretch power forward Belicha and Iguodala, who can cross various positions, have joined the team, the forward position has become strong. If you add wheat shovels that can go inside and outside, you can form a thick player base with existing Dramond Green and Andrew Wiggins.

The same goes for Brooklyn. Brooklyn failed to catch Jeff Green (Denber) this time. This requires a card to fill Green’s spot. Millsap is no shortage of players who are currently in the transfer market. While Blake Griffin and Jackson Hayes are at the center, wheat shovels can be of great help to the rotation depending on the situation.토토사이트

The key is where the wheat shovel will head. Besides Golden State and Brooklyn, other favorites deserve to drool. In reality, strong players have to offer the minimum annual salary, so it depends on Millsap’s intentions. In addition, as many teams have crossed luxury duty lines, let alone celery caps, the presence of wheat shovels is never insufficient to change the power structure.

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