Byun Yo-han Makes Strong Screen Comeback with Movie Voice

Byun Yo-han Makes Strong Screen Comeback with Movie Voice

Byun Yo-han
Actor Byun Yo-han announced a strong screen comeback as Han Seo-joon, a victim who lost everything in the real crime action film “Voice” using voice phishing materials for the first time in Korea.

Actor Byun Yo-han, who captivates the audience with his wide range of work performances, is heralding an intense screen comeback with the movie “Voice.” The movie “Voice” is a real crime action in which Seo Joon (Byeon Yo-han), who was trapped by a voice phishing organization and lost everything, infiltrated his home base in China to meet Kwak Pro (Kim Moo-yeol), the voice phishing designer.

Actor Byun Yo-han is an actor who captivated Korea across screens and small screen. Through this “Voice,” he will make a comeback as a victim, “Han Seo-joon,” who loses everything to voice phishing and jumps directly into his home base. “Han Seo-joon” is a character who has the urgency to recover the same money as the lives of the victims, the coolness to remember and chase the criminal’s voice, and the audacity to infiltrate the base directly. Byun Yo-han went through a fierce process of not only expressing his emotions but also practicing action without sparing his body to perfectly express his role as “Han Seo-joon.” Actor Kim Hee-won, who played together, said, “He is an energetic actor. “He acts without sparing his body,” he said. Martial arts director Jeon Jae-hyung also said, “As you can see from the movie, all the actors who changed the scene where you think, ‘Did you do that?'” did it themselves. “He is an actor with a strong self-sacrifice,” he said, praising Byun Yo-han for taking action without sparing his body.

Byun Yo-han also raised expectations for the movie by saying, “We continued to divide emotions in detail, continued physical training, and rehearsing constantly,” adding that he worked not only on action but also on expressing emotions that Han Seo-joon character can convey. Born after Byun Yo-han’s fierce efforts, “Han Seo-joon” is heavily armed with real action along with Byun Yo-han’s unique serious eyes acting, foreshadowing the birth of a new representative character in criminal action.토토사이트

Meanwhile, “Voice” is a movie that reveals everything about the crime of “voice phishing,” where there is a victim but no trace of the perpetrator. Actors Byun Yo-han, Kim Moo-yeol, Kim Hee-won and Park Myung-hoon meet to herald the birth of a new real crime action film that has never been seen before.

“Voice,” a movie that will instantly captivate audiences with Byun Yo-han’s powerful acting, is scheduled to be released in September.

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