C9 “Zven” to record five pentakills in North American

C9 “Zven” to record five pentakills in North American League career


Jasper Sveninson, a distant dealer of North America’s prestigious Cloud Nine (C9), set a new record in the LOL Championship Series.

“Zven,” who achieved his fifth career “Penta Kill (one enemy in the battle),” beat legendary players such as “Doublelift” and “Vivison” to top the list.

In the ninth week of the 2021 LCS Summer season held online on the 2nd (Korea time), Zven achieved his fifth “Penta Kill” in the North American league to mark the team’s liquid.

Zven, who chose Appelios, cooked all his enemies in the battle in the 32nd minute, when the victory was almost confirmed.

The team members helped Zben to record the Penta Kill.

“Sven,” a Danish player who played in the European League, has entered the North American League since the 2018 season when he moved to Team SoloMid (TSM).

Zven, who has set a scary record since joining the North American league, made his fifth Penta Kill in about four years.

Although he suffered from ups and downs at the beginning of the 2021 summer season, he quickly recovered his momentum, and his team Cloud Nine has settled in the first round of playoff winners.

Zven’s fifth “Penta Kill” is a new LCS record. According to data released by LOL eSports on the 2nd,

“Zven” topped the list of LCS legends “Doublelift” Ilien Peng, “Vivison” Soren Berg, “Wild Turtle” Jason Tran and “Altec” Johnny Lu.

The four recorded four “Penta Kill” episodes.

It is expected that “Zven”‘s first place record in LCS will continue for a long time.

Among the top four, “Doubleft” and “Vivison” retired from the professional league. “Wild Turtle” and “Altec” are players far from their heyday.

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