Car for vanishing internal combustion engines, Lexus LC500 Convertible

Car for vanishing internal combustion engines, Lexus LC500 Convertible

Lexus LC500 Convertible

Electric powertrain has become an irreplaceable future power source in the automobile market. This is because it is an essential means of sustainability and the only substitute for internal combustion engines that have been around for more than 100 years. It is also true that car enthusiasts who are familiar with the senses given by existing engines are upset, although they should accept it as fate that cannot be resisted in line with the rapidly changing times.

To ease their disappointment, carmakers are still showing monumental high-performance cars. It is characterized by its hard work and strong performance to the point that it is dedicated to the disappearing things. Lexus is also showing its strong status by joining the trend. And at the core is the Lexus LC500 Convertible with its beautiful design and V8 engine. Once again, I met a new convertible that will make the hearts of sports car fans flutter.

The exterior is beautiful at a glance. It is full of fresh compositions and steals the attention of people around it. Based on the convex spindle grille, everything is unique, including sharp arrowhead-shaped daytime running lights and long-falling direction indicators. In particular, a triangular headlamp lying gently and a fender connected to the back are the most representative parts of the car. It definitely feels different from a normal car fender and runs flat with the bonnet, revealing a special sensation.파워볼사이트

In fact, when asked what was most difficult to implement in an interview with this newspaper a few years ago, LC developers answered without hesitation as front fenders. From a designer’s point of view, the height of the fender had to be extremely lowered in order to achieve a perfect ratio.

On the other hand, engineers said it was not an easy choice because there was no room for parts to help drive. As a result, the suspension angle was turned down and placed inside the engine, it was able to create a beautiful design. This is also a critical reason why concept cars can be experienced in mass-production cars.

The side features a soft top loop that emphasizes the unique openness of the convertible while maintaining the original appearance style of the LC Coupe. The loop is a method of containment inside the toner cover and opens and closes rhythmically in three stages without any extreme speed changes. It can be opened and closed in about 15 seconds at speeds below 50 km/h per hour and operated with an open switch provided inside the palm rest. In addition, air curtains, foldable doors, and sleek side mirrors, which help the air flow from the back, will also enhance sophistication. Twenty-one-inch wheels are also very powerful. Black and semi-matte chrome are mixed properly, adding a colorful and elegant look to the shape of an open car in a petal shape.

The back is a future-oriented look. It is thanks to a clear-type tail lamp, but it creates a deep sense of space inside to create a dreamy atmosphere. In addition, the extremely high bumper gave deep curves and the small Lexus logo and lettering contrasted to create a speciality. When looking at somewhat boring exhaust and diffusers, it makes clear the concept of an open car that focuses on luxury rather than a high-performance car that runs recklessly.

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