Hikari Ninomiya An actress who dreams of becoming a celebrity.

Hikari Ninomiya 二宮ひかり

Hikari Ninomiya

Date of birth: 1999-03-15 (23)
Height: 160 cm
Body Size: B85 / W59 / H88
Cup size: C cup
Debut: September 18

An actress who dreams of becoming a celebrity.

He made his debut in AV with the thought of becoming a celebrity.

His appearance is considered a top tier among all AV actors, and his acting skills are evaluated well.

It is also an extraordinary achievement that is recognized as a masterpiece for producing works in Attacks, “The graves of actresses.”

Nevertheless, critics say that he will have to escape from the Attacus.

It is said that the size of the chest is a bit disappointing, but the overall body size and skin are good.

He is good at drawing illustrations and often expresses his feelings in cute illustrations even during filming.

His first experience was reportedly two weeks after he went out with his senior when he was in 10th grader in high school.

According to Hikari Ninomiya’s Twitter account, her parents were sad to learn about her AV debut, but said they respected her daughter’s choice (tweets have now been deleted).

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