Hinako Mori 森日向子 put it on Kimch Taegukgi SNS.

Hinako Mori 森日向子

Hinako Mori

Another name: #Yui Hinata(日向結衣) #Hinako Morino(森野日向子)
#AsahinaEmiri(朝比奈えみり #ShiraishiIri(白石アイリ)
Date of birth: 2000-09-09 (22)
Height: 166 cm
Body Size: B75 / W56 / H88
Cup size: A cup
Debut: 06/20

Japanese AV actor Hinako Mori, put it on Kimch Taegukgi SNS.

Morihinako, one of the Japanese AV actors, is drawing attention as a picture of her grilling meat on a table while eating on her SNS is posted with kimchi and the Korean flag.

The writer who posted the posts and photos on the online community Bobaedream said that Mori Hinako is a representative AV actor and has a Korean friend with Kim Sung.토토사이트

The photo of Hinako Mori proves that kimchi is a Korean food.

Internet users responded, “Eat a lot of kimchi,” “I want to be friends with an actor like this,” “You must not know because Kim says he doesn’t know,” “Japanese av actors raised Kimchi and Taegeukgi,” and “Kimchi belongs to Korea!”

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