Holland Erased Munich Monster Defender, Tank?

Holland Erased Munich Monster Defender, Tank?

Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich beat Dortmund to the top of the German Super Cup.

Upamecano, who tied Holland, the Dortmund main gun, shone.

Munich beat Dortmund 3-1 at the 2021 German Super Cup on Wednesday.

Lewandowski scored two goals, and Müller added one.

The match drew attention as it was a showdown between Lewandowski and Holland. When I opened the lid, it was Levandowski’s complete victory.

Lewandowski was responsible for all three of his team’s goals with two goals and one assist, but Holland remained silent.

Holland’s silence was due to Upamecano’s active performance.

Upamecano built a central defensive wall with Zule. According to the Munich club, Upamekano competed 12 times with Holland and won 9 times.

Holland, tied tightly, could not do its best.

“I hope we can win more trophies in the future,” Upamecano said after the match. Played brilliantly. I want to win every game, and we have a great squad.”

Holland is known as a monster striker, but Upamecano is also called a monster defender.

Ahead of this season, Upamekano, who left Leipzig and wore Munich’s uniform, quickly emerged as the core of defense.

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