HYBE said, “Will IZ*ONE recruit Kim Chaewon?”

HYBE said, “Will IZ*ONE recruit Kim Chaewon?” Contract-related non-verifiable”

Kim Chaewon
HYBE said it is impossible to confirm the recruitment of Kim Chae-won, a former member of the group IZ*ONE.

“We can’t confirm the artist’s contract,” Hive told Newsen on August 17. We ask for your understanding.

Kim Chae-won’s existing agency, Woolim Entertainment, also told NewsN, “We cannot confirm the contents of the artist’s contract. We ask for your understanding.

According to the news, Kim Chae-won recently signed an exclusive contract with Label Source Music under the HYBE.

He is expected to join Source Music’s new group, which is scheduled to debut. After signing the contract, it is heard that he also wrote a memorandum of confidentiality.

Kim Chae-won appeared on Mnet survival program “Produce 48,” which aired from June to August 2018.

He made his official debut as a member of IZ*ONE on October 29, 2018.

IZ*ONE was disbanded on April 29 this year after completing the promised period.

The reunion of Kim Chae-won and Miyawaki Sakura from IZ*ONE is also drawing expectations from fans.

Sakura Miyawaki was embroiled in rumors of her exclusive contract with HYBE in March for label Big Hit Music and joining a new girl group.

“Nothing has been decided,” Big Hit Music said on the news at the time.

Sakura Miyawaki has ended her 10-year-long HKT48 activities after a graduation performance in June.

Hive is reportedly negotiating with Japanese agency Sakura Miyawaki until this point.

However, it is not clear whether he will be able to re-debut as a team with Kim Chae-won because negotiations have not been finalized.

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