Hyundai Motors. Makes Its Own Brand for Hydrogen Commercial

Hyundai Motors. Makes Its Own Brand for Hydrogen Commercial Vehicles

Hyundai Motors
Hyundai Motor is introducing its own brand that will introduce commercial hydrogen electric vehicles (FCEVs) like “Ioniq,” an eco-friendly commercial vehicle brand. Hyundai Motor has set up a marketing organization dedicated to global hydrogen commercial vehicles under the strategic support sector and started preparations including the establishment of a new brands. It is in the stage of establishing brand identity and discussing detailed measures. The name of its own brand has not been confirmed yet.

The marketing organization dedicated to hydrogen commercial vehicles establishes mid- to long-term marketing strategies to enter new overseas markets and is in charge of public relations strategies and planning to promote new businesses. It is also discussing ways to implement video contents by establishing digital channels such as YouTube.

This is to increase market awareness of hydrogen electric vehicle products and technology skills and to increase its status as a leading company. Hyundai Motor succeeded in mass-producing the world’s first large hydrogen electric truck called ‘Exident Pure Cell’ and started exporting it to Switzerland in July last year. It is leading the global hydrogen commercial vehicle market with advanced technology, such as exporting hydrogen electric bus “ELEXITY FCEV” to Saudi Arabia, which is a barren land of eco-friendly vehicles.

Previously, Hyundai Motor introduced its exclusive brand “HTWO” for hydrogen fuel cell business, but has not yet established its own model or brand name for hydrogen commercial vehicle lineup. Hydrogen commercial vehicles on the market are called hydrogen models of large trucks and electric bus electricity. The hydrogen commercial vehicle brand seems to be intended to increase the effectiveness of promotion by giving a consistent brand name and model name system to the new car lineup that will grow in the future.

Hyundai Motor is actively pioneering new markets for hydrogen commercial vehicles overseas. Hyundai Motor signed a contract with Swiss company “H2 Energy” in 2018 to supply 1,600 Exiant hydrogen electric trucks and started shipping last year. By establishing ‘Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility’, a joint venture with H2 Energy, it is working hard to target the European eco-friendly commercial vehicle market.

It also achieved results in the U.S. After signing an agreement with Cermins last year to supply hydrogen fuel electric systems to the North American commercial vehicle market, it was selected as one of the final suppliers in last month’s bidding for “California Port Eco-Friendly Truck.”

It is also looking for breakthroughs with hydrogen commercial vehicles in China. In March this year, Hyundai Motor held a groundbreaking ceremony for “HTWO Guangzhou,” a hydrogen fuel cell production company that will be established in Guangzhou, China. It is Hyundai Motor’s first hydrogen fuel cell system production plant overseas. Fuel cell factories and innovation centers will be built with the goal of completing construction in the second half of next year. The annual production target is 6,500 units. China is expected to emerge as the world’s largest hydrogen electric vehicle market with 1 million units by 2035. Hyundai Motor plans to dominate China’s hydrogen market by selling cars and hydrogen fuel battery systems as well as hydrogen commercial vehicles.안전놀이터

Chairman Chung Eui-sun has been working hard to pioneer the global commercial vehicle market since his inauguration. Jang Jae-hoon, the president of Hyundai Motor, was appointed as the head of the commercial business department along with the CEO of Hyundai Motor. It also reorganized its medium and large commercial vehicle sector. Domestic sales will be handled by domestic business headquarters in charge of car sales and overseas sales will be handled by commercial business headquarters as before.

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