Indifferent changes, Volvo XC60 B6 Demonstrator

Indifferent changes, Volvo XC60 B6

Volvo XC60 B6

The XC60 B6, a premium mid-sized SUV launched by Volvo Motors Korea following the flagship SUV XC90, is solidifying its position in the market by leading the youngest XC40. Volvo XC60, which aims for urban SUVs, has also received good reviews in outdoor life, and is now absorbing owners by diversifying engine variations. By applying the mild hybrid engine to the B6 model, which took a test drive this time, it has further improved its driving capacity by increasing its economic feasibility.

As VOLVO XC60 is released in South Korea, it is drawing fierce competition in the mid-sized SUV market. I think it’s something that’s already been predicted, but it’s becoming more popular than expected. XC60, which is already continuing its trend thanks to the successful settlement of flagship models S90, XC90, and cross-country models, is a model that users who want to buy among competitive models in the same segment can take a look at.

The Korean automobile brand, which the XC60 is currently competing for, is a mid-sized SUV segment, but it is increasing its competitive speed in the market by taking advantage of the successful settling of the flagship model XC90. As such, XC60 is increasing its market share without any interference from the launch of XC40, which is the youngest brother. In addition, the mid-size sedan S60 and the Crossover V60 cross-country, which are leading the market like the XC60, provide a strong waist for the brand.파워볼사이트

As B (Mild Hybrid) eco-friendly powertrain, which is being developed as a future strategy, has been upgraded one more step, B4, B5, and B6 have been completed. The new B6 engine, combined with Volvo’s premium SUV XC60, showed its formidable performance through a pre-contract after being released to the market with high performance and high efficiency capabilities. In addition, it has three beats including eco-friendly powertrains and safety, conveying the nature of Swedish SUVs to users.

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