Jeon So-mi ‘Dum’ Upgraded Maturity and High Teen Face

Jeon So-mi ‘Dum’ Upgraded Maturity and High Teen Face

Jeon So-mi

Singer Jeon So-mi succeeded in capturing both charm and upgraded maturity as a high-teen with “Dum-Dum.” 안전놀이터

Jeon Somi released her new song “DUMB DUMB” on major online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 2nd.

“DUMB DUMB” is a song that features a minimal arrangement and a fresh drop sound falling from the chorus along with the lyrics, “I dance at the top of your head and dance at the top of your head.” In particular, her cheerful yet powerful performance further maximizes Jeon Somi’s unexpected charm behind her innocent appearance.

“Dumb” shows a twist after a girl who thought she was pure, and Jeon So-mi’s cheerful charm and Jeon So-mi’s powerful performance are expected to captivate the public’s eyes and ears at once.

“Dum-Dum” was worked on by Black Label’s representative producers TEDDY, R.TEE, and 24, while Jeon Somi also participated in writing the lyrics.

“Dumb” is likely to be regarded as Jeon Somi’s masterpiece, which showed the cheerful charm of the high teen concept despite her upgraded maturity. His presence as a former I.O.I. Center was completed with a more maximized performance in “Dum-Dum.”

While the running time of the music video was not short, “DUM DUM” showed Teddy’s unique killing sound again, and Jeon Somi once again showed herself as a solo female artist following her previous hit song.

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