Jung Soo-jung, cool action → charisma.Girl crush

Jung Soo-jung, cool action → charisma.Girl crush

Jung Soo-jung

Jung Soo-jung presents girl crush with cool action acting and sharp charisma in “Police Class.” 파워볼사이트

KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Police Class” is a story of a campus where a detective who kills criminals with his whole body and a hacker-turned-criminal student who solves everything with his smart brain meet at a police university as a professor and student to conduct a joint investigation.

Jung Soo-jung depicts the story of Oh Kang-hee, a freshman at the National Police University who has no pretense, secrets, or reservations in the drama. Oh Kang-hee is a solid character who does not tolerate any injustice and runs tenaciously for his goal. However, unlike her strong appearance, she has a soft heart and a heartbreaking story. Oh Kang-hee, the character of “Inside and Outside Gang,” will meet with Kang Sun-ho (Jin Young) and new acquaintances at the National Police University to shake off his wounds and portray a more honest youth.

In the photo released on the 4th, Jeong Su-jeong is wearing a police uniform and gives off an overwhelming aura with a dignified look. His determined eyes and dazzling visuals even in judo suits make perfect harmony and show off irreplaceable girl crush charm. The undisturbed induction posture, which shows blood, sweat, and effort, can be admired automatically.

On the other hand, the scene of taking the class seriously reveals the energy of Oh Kang-hee, who is passionate about everything. As a result, prospective viewers are increasingly looking forward to what the story of Oh Kang-hee’s mother will be and how she will change in tandem with her police colleagues.

The production team of “Police Class” said, “Jeong Soo-jung is expected to deliver refreshing fun by showing off her sparkling face like cider to hot action acting.” In addition, Jeong Su-jeong is showing excellent character fairy tale skills that can be said to be Oh Kang-hee himself. I ask for your interest in the story that she will portray with irreplaceable charm.”

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