Konomi Nagisa 渚このみIchika Kiryu → Konomi Nagisa

Konomi Nagisa 渚このみ

Konomi Nagisa

Another name: #KiryuIchika
Date of birth: 1999-12-22 (23)
Height: 158 cm
Body Size: B90 / W57 / H89
Cup size: H cup
Debut: Dec. 19

Ichika Kiryu → Konomi Nagisa

Gunma Prefecture. Nickname Conoming(このみん).

Attractive LLC, his agency.

The catchphrase is a pair of H cups(天下無双のH乳).

15 years old, opened his eyes to Ero while being Annie’s fan.

18 years old, first experience with sex par. In 2017, under the name of Kiryu Ichika, an underground idol group at a private Citron academy(私立シトロン学園) (@kiryu_ichika.

Debut of Fc2 on December 29, 2019.

In July 2020, Twitter was newly opened (@co_no_mi_1222) to post a video of EroManga reading.

Voice review. He appeared on Shiroto TV on September 19th of the same year (SIRO-4300).

His official debut with Prestige on October 2nd (BGN-060).

My favorite AV actor is Kawaii Asuna with a big chest.

Want to challenge the natural ingredient-derived series (see Mens Saizo).

Big chest and pretty, but likes and dislikes the outline of the face.

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