Lionel Messi returns to Barcelona for a while.

Messi returns to Barcelona for a while.


Lionel Messi has returned to Barcelona for personal business.

PSG beat Brest 4-2 in the third round of the 2021-2022 League 1 away game at Stade Francis Le Blaise in Brest, France, on the 20th.

PSG, who defeated Trua 2-1 in the first round on the 8th and Strasbourg 4-2 in the second round on the 15th, scored another multi-point victory and led the league with nine points.

Messi’s debut, who confirmed his joining of PSG on the 11th and made his first greeting in front of fans at the Strasbourg match, was not made on that day either.

Messi briefly returned to Barcelona, Spain. I visited with my family to see personal business.

He is unable to play in the game and is trying to solve the issue of relocation due to the transfer.

“It will be my last time in Spain before I move to France,” said Mundo Deportivo.

Meanwhile, the media predicted that Messi is likely to play against Reims in the fourth round of the Ligue 1.

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