Maserati The Value of High-End Performance by Levante

Maserati The Value of High-End Performance by Levante


If you’re a car lover, it’s natural to have the value and curiosity of the Maserati brand.

And with him, the “longer life cycle” will continue to wait for a new existence.

In this situation, Maserati is presenting a series of special details and sensations along with the development of new vehicles.

Today’s main character is also like this. It looks no different from the usual Levante,

but it is because it is an Italian luxury fashion brand and a car manufactured through collaboration with

“Ermenezildo Zenja,” which is also a ship-loaded by many people in Korea.파워볼사이트

What kind of charm does Levante Genya Pelletesta (hereinafter referred to as Levante Genya Pelletesta), which adds special spatial value to Levante?

The Maserati Levante Genya Peletesta edition is basically based on Levante S Gran Sport, and the basic specifications of the vehicle are completely the same.

In fact, a long battlefield of 5,020 mm and a full width of 1,980 mm and 1,700 mm, respectively, can be regarded as the “typical” of Levante.

In addition, the wheelbase and tolerance weights are 3,004mm and 2,265kg, revealing the identity of Maserati’s SUV.

The core of the Maserati Levante Gena Peletesta is an indoor space trimmed with the sensibility of Hermenizildo Gena. However, it also presents a luxurious and luxurious image in terms of appearance.

The luxurious copper paint, which is not easily found in the common Levante, presents a strong presence in the dark as well as bright sunlight.

As a result, the value and satisfaction of the “exclusive exterior color” can be confirmed significantly even though the choice of exterior color is deprived.

The design, as previously described, continues Levante S Gran Sport’s sensibility. It adds a huge trident emblem, a huge front grill,

and a sleek headlight to enhance visual appeal and emphasize bold presence. Based on the bold style of body kit, you can feel an excellent presence even when standing still.

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