Meet a whale. Audi R8 V10 Performance

Meet a whale. Audi R8 V10 Performance

Audi R8 V10

Coffee leaked slightly on the plastic lid covered with hot Americano. All my attention was focused on the footwork. I forgot for a moment that the thick liquid shouldn’t spill over the rim groove. I’m riding on a whale that just popped out of the sea. You have to hold your breath as long as you can until you get out of the alley and meet a wide road, and until the coffee cools down. I’m on the Audi R8 V10 performance now.

It’s a familiar design, but it also smells like classical music. It’s nice to see a wild sports car in a wave of new electric cars. I can’t help it. Not yet, I have to meet a car like this so my heart beat. But, aren’t you the model who’s holding on to the end of an era? You’re welcome. Audi’s chief executive said he would no longer develop next-generation engines, whether gasoline or diesel. Perhaps now is the time to buy the R8 V10, which will become a rare species. Of course, if you can afford it.

The R8 V10 Plus, which was previously burnt, was named Plus with a 610 horsepower engine that was 60 horsepower higher than the previous model. How much has the V10 performance gone up today? No, it’s the same. High power may no longer be meaningful for engines that use more than 600 horsepower by raising the tachometer to 8,100 rpm. The change is in the details.토토사이트

On a blue day, the Ascari blue metallic body color is stronger than the sky. In many areas, however, Audi leads in light technology. Laser light is the symbol. Laser light LED headlights with dynamic turn signal are brightened and lit wide. During the day, the uplifting daytime driving lights reveal a formidable personality.

Carbon applied throughout the body is a symbol of luxury and sportiness. The carbon side blade on the side surrounds the side air vent for aerodynamics. The carbon-applied parts are the front spoiler and rear diffuser, side mirror cover, engine component cover and fixed rear wing.

The coffee is cold and the tires are heated enough. The temperature of the heart is also hot. Time to push the accelerator with ease. Fast. The power from the back explodes with a close driving position, a low center of gravity, and a sound hitting the ear. Acceleration is concise and exhilarating. The big breath of holding back and exhaling is like swallowing the sea. You should be careful if you’re in the city center when you’re waiting for a signal. This is because someone around you might be surprised by the thunder.

The interior design is the same. As expected, the difference is in the details. It is said that R8 performance design packages have been applied to carbon twirl inlay, diamond quilting napa leather sheets, alkantara headlining, napa leather dashboards, armrests and door panels.

Digital cockpit selects the center of the tachometer or the center of the map as a button on the steering wheel. Most choices stay in the tachometer. The 8500 to 10,000 rpm section is painted red to represent the red zone. The red color over the background of the R8 badge overlaps. Next to it, two round circles of output and torque mark are placed side by side. The red needle goes up and down along the circle and shows how much it is using itself.

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