Messie, first year salary of 0$ Barcelona unveils its absurd offer

“Messie, first year salary of 0 $,” Barcelona unveils its absurd final offer


Barcelona made a final offer after failing to renew their contract with Lionel Messi, 34. Paris Saint-Germain negotiations were on condition of a free 2021-22 season.

Argentine media “Ole” said on the 11th, “There was a last suggestion that Barcelona gave Messi. Barcelona’s finance team made a serious final offer to Messi just before leaving for Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi ended his 21-year-long trip with Barcelona at the end of this summer. Although disappointed in Bartomeu’s lax management and visionless team, he decided to renew his contract after Laporta’s inauguration. He even signed a five-year contract with a 50 percent annual salary cut, but the result was not successful.

Serious finances were the cause. Spain’s Primera Liga was unable to register as a new season player at a time well above the salary limit. Even if Messi cuts his annual salary by 50 percent, Barcelona’s wage exceeded 110 percent of last season’s revenue.

Messi announced goodbye, and Messi announced goodbye with a tearful press conference. Paris Saint-Germain approached the world’s top striker with a transfer fee of 0 won, and negotiations on a 2+1 year contract were quick.

As the century’s move nears, Barcelona’s final offer was heard. At that time, strong sources such as Fabrizio Romano announced that it was “not confirmed,” but after the transfer of Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona’s final offer was unveiled at Ole.

It was a ridiculous suggestion. Messi even cut the Maginot line by 50% based on Spanish labor law, and Barcelona suggested that he should play in the first season of his contract, 2021-22 season without a salary. The condition was given after the announcement of the failure of the contract and the deletion of Messi’s everything on the website. It was not something that Laporta himself pushed for.토토사이트

Messi’s deputy and father, Jorge Messi, rejected Barcelona’s absurd offer and continued his move to Paris Saint-Germain. “Messie was forced to transfer,” Ole said. Barcelona’s annual salary of 0 won was beyond common sense. “We don’t know if the last proposal is really for staying or just a show,” he shook his head.

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