Minami Shiratori a married woman with an Italian husband

Minami Shiratori 白鳥みなみ

Minami Shiratori

Date of birth: 1988-04-02 (34)
Height: 160 cm
Body size: B93 / W59 / H90
Cup size: G cup
Debut: August 20

a married woman with an Italian husband

She’s cheating on her husband.

A married woman in her 30s with an Italian husband.

Minami Shiratori made his AV debut in 2020 under the Prestige KANBi label.

She is said to be cheating on his husband because of his bold personality.

The reason why she made his debut in AV was because his husband briefly returned to Italy.

G-cup giant oil with sensual hips is attractive.토토사이트

Now, it is said that Japanese people are better than Italians.

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