[Netflix Original Review] A tragedy with the belief

[Netflix Original Review] <pray Away> A tragedy that began with the belief that homosexuality was wrong.

pray Away

[Netflix Original Review] <pray Away> A tragedy that began with the belief that homosexuality was wrong.

In June 2013, Exodus International (hereinafter referred to as Exodus), the world’s largest conversion treatment group beyond the U.S., closed. The organization boasted a rare history, tradition and power, with more than 250 branches in North America, including the United States and Canada, and more than 150 branches in 17 countries worldwide. Such a group suddenly apologized and announced the dissolution.

We need to move on to what “conversion treatment” means. The treatment, also called “sex-oriented transition therapy” and “homosexual therapy,” is a key concept of the “de-homosexual movement” that claims that individuals’ sexual tastes can only be converted to heterosexuality or treat homosexuality. In other words, homosexuality can be treated as a kind of disease.

Netflix’s original documentary “Frey Away” aims to reveal the true nature and harmful effects of conversion therapy through interviews with five key “ex-sexual” activists, including the founder, chairman and vice chairman of Exodus.

On the other hand, it tells the story of a man who once was a transgender but now is a devout Christian who is leading a movement for heterosexuality.

They claim homosexuality is wrong.

Exodus leaders recall the past and say they believed they were gay at the time, but were able to turn straight with the power of faith. They established Christian doctrine as the basis and aimed to accept and cure homosexuals who were in pain because they could not go on the path of heterosexuality created by God in the beginning.

But when I look behind it, I feel like a very sad and painful voice echoing. Discrimination, hatred and violence against homosexuals, which would have been much worse decades ago, as well as the people involved, would have been hard to withstand and wanted to join the community and find stability. The very spot was targeted by heterosexual groups such as Exodus. However, the first clue was that they were sick and wrong and had to be treated because they were abnormal.

However, in 1974, before Exodus was founded, the American Psychiatric Association defined homosexuality as not a mental illness through academic conferences.

You can’t fool yourself anymore.

The founders, directors, and vice-chairpersons of Exodus, who were interviewed in depth by <Frey Away>, left Exodus early. Among them, founder Michael Berthy is leading the so-called “de-sexual” movement. Based on his wrong experience, he is working hard to spread the evils and evils of the concept of de-homosexual movement and subsequent conversion therapy. Other former key members of the Exodus also agree with Michael Versh, saying they are deeply regrettable.

I think he has the courage to completely deny his negative past. Whether God made it or made it naturally, a person’s sexual taste, orientation, and identity vary and all are “right”. There is absolutely no room for right or wrong to intervene. Was it at this point that the major interviews of the work realized?

If you listen to them, there’s a match. Now, I can’t do it anymore, that is, I can’t fool myself anymore. They said they treated homosexuality with actions and shouted for it in front of countless people, but they knew it themselves. I can’t control myself being attracted to the same sex, so I can’t be straight, so it’s hard to die. Yes, they didn’t suddenly realize one day, they already knew. However, he had no choice but to deceive himself for various reasons.

It’s not an organization, it’s not a way, it’

As noted, the work features a former transgender and current devout Christian activist named Jeffrey Lee. As a result of the work, he is a completely opposite character, which is considered very unusual, but on the other hand, it is also very important.

As Exodus founder Michael Versh said as a prophecy, new Exodus will continue to emerge unless homophobia disappears. The problem is that neither the organization nor the way it is organized is a problem, and homosexuality is wrong and the belief that it should be changed is underlying.

Currently, no medical, psychological, or psychiatric community in the world defines homosexuality as mental illness. Furthermore, in some countries, de-homosexual movements and conversion treatment have been outlawed.

“Frey Away” was produced by Ryan Murphy as the executive producer. Since he has been working energetically since signing a multi-year contract with Netflix, it is interesting that the proportion of LGBTQ-related works is very high. If you look at it, it’s no exaggeration to say it’s everything. At this rate, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is part of the “de-sexual” movement. It’s up to you to take it as you see it, but he wants to make it very well and it’s worth it just to look at it as a fun of its own.

Thanks to Ryan Murphy, the consciousness of LGBTQ changes in some way, at least through various contents, including me. Whether positive or negative, it is important to look with interest. This work too.

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