New girl group RHEA, confirmed to debut in August.

New girl group RHEA, confirmed to debut in August.


IO Entertainment’s new girl group “RHEA” is launched! 안전놀이터

IO Entertainment has unveiled the new girl group “RHEA,” which is undergoing

high-strength training ahead of its debut at KAA(Korean Academy of Arts).

In the frozen K-pop market in the Pandemic era, the birth of the new girl group “RHEA” is enough to create a stir.

The new girl group “RHEA,” formed as a five-member group, is trying to get closer

to the fans by highlighting each member’s individuality with the stage name of the goddess.

The five distinctive members of “RHEA” will present a refreshing image to the public,

who have become lethargic in the Pandemic era based on their strong energy and synergy.

The debut title track “TIME TRAVEL” is a Euro-pop electric sound-based song in the early 2000s,

and is now a pre-pandemic record of wanting to return to normal life.

About a month before his debut, “RHEA” said it would be a comfort to the tired modern

people through his debut title song “TIME TRAVEL.”

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