NewYork Yankees win 12 consecutive games in 60 years.

NewYork Yankees win 12 consecutive games in 60 years.

NewYork Yankees

The New York Yankees, which recently became an undefeated team, won a dramatic victory after escaping from the crisis of defeat, marking the team’s 12th consecutive win in 60 years since 1961.

The New York Yankees had an away game against the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California, on the 27th (Korean time).

The New York Yankees won the game 7-6 after a fierce battle, winning 12 games in a row. As a result, the New York Yankees held on to the top of the wildcard with a 75-52 winning rate of 0.591.

The last 12 consecutive wins. The New York Yankees won the White Sox 7-5 on the 15th and became a team that never lost. In the meantime, he swept three series.

This Auckland game wasn’t easy. The New York Yankees led by 6-0 with home runs by Giancarlo Stanton, Brett Gardner and Joey Gallo until the top of the third inning.

The New York Yankees, which seemed to win easily, allowed the chase with two home runs in the bottom of the third inning, and were chased 5-6 in the fourth inning, giving up a pushout walk and a timely hit.

In the end, the NewYork Yankees hit a one-run homer in the fifth inning, giving up a 6-6 tie. The atmosphere of the game is completely turning to Auckland.

But the New York Yankees already had the potential to win 11 games in a row. The New York Yankees have already passed the game, and the relief team has blocked four innings from the sixth to ninth.

In addition, the New York Yankees caught a chance with two outs and three outs when runner Tyler Wade stole the bases after Anthony Rizzo walked to base in the ninth inning of the regular inning.안전놀이터

Aaron Jersey, who went to bat in a chance to score the finishing point, hit a timely hit in the right field like a gold to bring Wade home. 7-6 New York Yankees Lead.

Afterwards, the New York Yankees put Arroldis Chapman, the finishing pitcher who had often been unstable, on the mound to prevent a counterattack in the ninth inning and win by one point.

On the New York Yankees mound, Jonathan Roaisiga, who kept the seventh and eighth innings scoreless, won the game, and Chapman won his personal career 300 saves.

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