Palm Springs life is a box full of shit instead of chocolate

Even though Palm Springs life is a box full of shit instead of chocolate

Palm Springs

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you’re going to get.”

You may have heard a famous line from the movie “Forrest Gump” (director Robert Zermekis, 1994). When I first saw this scene as a child, it sounded like a lesson that “life has unpredictable joy,” but as I got older, I began to have nasty doubts on one side of my mind. It’s because I’m starting to feel confident that life may be a box full of weird things that you know only when you dip it in the dung or soybean paste instead of chocolate.

Although the main character likens life to chocolate and says famous lines, the film “Farm Springs” (director Max Babakow) features Sarah (played by Kristen Milioti) who is trapped in an infinite time loop worldview at the resort in Palm Springs, where the wedding is held.

The work is pleasant from beginning to end. Scenes of the two main characters attempting to get out of the time loop appear, and even serious scenes sublimate with humor cause laughter. They try to kill themselves and stay up all night to move on to the next day, but the moment they fall asleep, they come back to the same day. Trapped in endless curses, they give up and begin to enjoy today and fall in love with each other.

The true meaning of this work lies beyond the romance of the two. This is revealed in the process of learning that life is not only beautiful. Sarah and Miles are generally far from what we dreamed of as children. Sera had an affair with her brother’s fiancee, and Miles had spent her life helplessly knowing her lover was cheating on her.토토사이트

However, even in such a reality, the two characters are encouraged. While creating unpredictable daily lives in an endless, predictable infinite loop, the two decide to accept the truth that stems from their reality, which they have been turning a blind eye to. Overcome your fears and move forward actively.

At the end of the ending, the two main characters shout “Palm Springs” confidently. I don’t care if my life is full of stinky shit instead of chocolate. “Everything will be fine” may be irresponsible, but “even if everything doesn’t work out, we’ll always be together.” This means that even if you haven’t learned that life is not beautiful, you can learn how to make it fun together.

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