Renault is also in charge of eco-friendly cars in collaboration

Renault is also in charge of eco-friendly cars in collaboration with China’s GEELY AUTO.

Renault Samsung Motors
Renault Samsung Motors is going to jointly develop eco-friendly cars with China’s Link & Co.

The newly developed eco-friendly car is expected to become a new strategic model for Renault Samsung after the XM3.

According to an industry on the 9th, Renault Group of France and Jiri Holdings of China signed a business agreement (MOU) to establish a joint venture (JV) earlier in the day.

The joint venture between Renault Group and GEELY Holdings has decided to launch the Renault brand’s hybrid passenger model in the Chinese market and jointly develop eco-friendly new cars.

Renault Samsung Electronics and Link & Co. have decided to develop eco-friendly cars. Link & Co. is a joint venture between GEELY AUTO and Volvo.

Renault Group plans to share its technology with Link & Co. and develop new cars through Renault Samsung Motors.

The eco-friendly car that Renault Samsung Motors will develop will not only be sold in Korea but also be exported.

As a result, Renault Samsung’s strategic model is expected to be created along with XM3, which is currently in charge of exporting Renault Samsung.

However, in order for Renault Samsung to secure stable production volume from Renault headquarters, stable labor-management relations must be preceded.

Renault Samsung’s labor and management have yet to reach a conclusion on last year’s labor-management agreement.

“Renault Samsung will be in charge of developing a new eco-friendly vehicle,” a Renault Samsung Motors official said.

Meanwhile, Renault Samsung Motors is a South Korean carmaker founded in 2000.

It is currently serving as a research and development base for passenger cars within Renault Group.

It is also a company that successfully settled its SM5 (Nissan Maxima) in 1998 and made competitors nervous with outstanding quality and merchantability to signal competition for domestic cars.

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