Rino Hazuki Debuted in April 2020, Geoyu Kikatan AV Actor

Rino Hazuki 葉月りの

Rino Hazuki

Another name: #Toyama Rinano(遠山莉奈乃) #Yokoyama Hikari(横山ひかり)
#Hazuki Rino(羽月里乃) #Ichinose Hikari(一之瀬ひかり) #Yukimi Sanaue(幸美さなえ)
Date of birth: 1999-01-30 (23)
Height: 150 cm
Body Size: B88 / W60 / H90
Cup size: G cup
Debut: April 20

Debuted in April 2020, Geoyu Kikatan AV Actor (Hikari Ichinose → Rino Hazuki)

An AV actor with a modest beauty, a giant Kikatan.

She made his AV debut at Prestige in April 2020 (CHN-184).

She used the name Ichinose Hikari in his debut film, and later worked under the name of Rino Hazuki.

According to the concept of his debut film, she said she has an M tendency as a 21-year-old college student.

In another film, she appeared as a 22-year-old new employee.

In Chaekiro Gravia, the name Yokoyama Hikarina Yukimi Sanae was written.

She appeared on Raguju TV under the name of Toyama Rinano.

She starred in Girl’s Blue as Reno Hazuki. It’s been active so far.

Their offices are not known, and they do not do SNS.안전놀이터

Since she is an actor who does not expose media, little is known about his private life.

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