Samsung Electronics’ stock price plummeting and shaking

Samsung Electronics’ stock price plummeting and shaking ‘super gap’ task

Samsung Electronics
Vice Chairman Lee’s first visit to the Seocho office building is interpreted as an attempt to emphasize that there are so many urgent issues surrounding Samsung.

Initially, there were many observations in the business community that Vice Chairman Lee would go to his home in Hannam-dong or visit Seonyeong, a family member of Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, where the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee was buried.

In fact, Samsung Electronics is in a state of ‘amnesty plant’.

Samsung Electronics’ shares plunged on the day when Vice Chairman Lee was released as foreigners continued to dump amid the “semiconductor high point theory.”

There are also concerns that global “super-gap” competitiveness is faltering beyond the simple issue of the economic cycle.

Micron of the U.S. started mass-producing 4th generation (1a) DRAMs before Samsung Electronics, and introduced 176-layer NAND-Flash for the first time in the industry in November last year.

Previously, SK Hynix started mass-producing 128-layer NAND-Flash at the end of 2019.

The gap with Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s No. 1 player, is also widening at the foundry.

Samsung Electronics announced in May that it would spend 17 billion dollars to build a foundry plant in the U.S., but has not made a decision for four months.

In the smartphone market, China’s pursuit is strong.

According to market research companies such as Counterpoint Research and Carnalis, Samsung Electronics’ share of global smartphone markets in the second quarter of this year was 18-19%.

The gap with Xiaomi, who beat Apple to second place, is only 2 percentage points.

Lee Kyung-mook, a professor of business administration at Seoul National University, said, “The national economic situation and the global economic environment are in violation of the “purpose” of parole and “disposal” of probation and employment restrictions.

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