Seol-hyun released her first YouTube video after a five-month hiatus.

Seol-hyun released her first YouTube video after a five-month hiatus.


Seol-hyun posted her first video since opening YouTube.

On the 25th, Seol-hyun’s YouTube channel “The Light in Your Eyes” posted a video titled “Making Ceramics (Feat. But Now With Bad Hands…).”

This is the first video posted by Seol-hyun since she opened a YouTube channel. As he had a five-month hiatus, attention was focused.

On the same day, Seolhyun said, “I’m going to film YouTube for the first time here,” adding, “I’m going to buy a ceramic making home kit and make pottery by myself,” and started organizing the ingredients one by one.

She said, “I’m going to make a soju glass,” and she was agonizing over how to make it.

After thinking about it, Seolhyun, who explained his plan to mix white with brown and beige, said, “I think it takes more patience than I thought, so I’ll take my time.”

Seol-hyun made the wall of the cup and said, “Something looks good. Is it just my mistake?” he began to look at his teeth.

“I think it’s too thin, so I’m going to do it again,” he said, adding, “I need to do it again.”

“It’s harder than I thought,” she said, drinking water and starting making cups again cups.

Based on her experience, Seol-hyun also shared tips on how to make a cup’s wall.

After completing the wall of the cup, she filled the cup with her own sensibility by cutting and pasting the color to decorate the wall with new soil.

After completing the four types of cups, Seol-hyun smiled at the camera, showing her white hands, dirty hair and face.

And I’m so hungry that I’m going to go eat.” I said hello and took a short selfie.파워볼사이트

Two weeks later, Seolhyun explained, “I made pottery two weeks ago, and the pottery was completed today, so I filmed the video.”

In a colorful cup, Seol-hyun raised her thumb, “I’m very satisfied.”

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