Son Heung-min Excludes Europa Conference Selection

Son Heung-min Excludes Europa Conference Selection

Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min is not expected to play in the Europa Conference League as a starter. Rather than playing excessively, he will prepare for the league away game against Wolverhampton over the weekend through recharging.

Tottenham will play away in the first leg of the 2021/2022 UEFA Conference League playoffs against Pasus de Peheira at Estadio Capital do Movel in Portugal on the 19th. Due to his performance last season, he missed the Champions League and Europa League, and he will participate in a new tournament.

Tottenham manager Nunu Santu, who is one day away from the game, gave a hint of the game through a press conference. “All the players who started in the last game will be excluded from the starting list for this game,” he said. In other words, the starting lineup will all change.

Son Heung-min started the 2021/2022 English Premier League (EPL) opening match against Manchester City on the 15th. He scored a cool winning goal, giving the team a victory and a full-time performance. Some local media reported that Son Heung-min was completely absent from the Portuguese expedition.

Coach Santu plans to actively utilize rotation. New recruits Christian Romero, Brian Hill and 17-year-old Young Gun Dane Scarlett will take the mound around the team’s young resources.

“Dane Scarlett will start tomorrow at the game. I have high hopes for Dane. He is a talented player who showed good performance during the preseason. I want to help growth because there are many possibilities. We need to give young players a chance.

Major players, including Son Heung-min, will play in the second round of the EPL against Wolverhampton on the 22nd. As he has won the first round, he is expected to win once again and aim for a positive atmosphere at the beginning of the season. In addition, Santu’s position is even more desperate for victory because it is a match against his “parent.”안전놀이터

The Europa Conference League will begin this season as the third European club competition founded by UEFA. Tottenham’s Europa conference list against Pasus de Peheira to UEFA included Hugo Roris, Golini, Matt Doherty, Sergio Reguillon, Christian Romero, Davinson Sanchez, Eric Dyer, Ben Davis, Japat Tanganga, Pierre Hoivier, Son Heung-min, Harry Winks, Brian Hill, Musa Alissoko.

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