Tottenham’s craziest move on BBC’s bid to recruit Lautaro

Tottenham’s craziest move on BBC’s bid to recruit Lautaro for the highest ever.


Will Tottenham be able to showcase the all-time transfer market?

The BBC reported on the 8th (Korea time) that Tottenham are trying to recruit Inter Milan striker Lautaro with 60 million pounds (95.2 billion won). If a deal is made, Lautaro will move beyond Tangi Ndombele, who was recruited in the 2018-19 season, to the highest amount in Tottenham’s history.

Rautaro moved to Inter Milan in the 2018-19 season and made his name known to Europe. Although he is 174 centimeters tall, he is strong in physique, so he cannot be outstripped in competition with defenders. He scored 14 goals and 17 goals in the league respectively in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, making his skills a proven resource. Along with Romelo Lukaku, it was at the heart of the Inter Milan attack.

There have also been reports that Tottenham and Inter Milan have agreed on a transfer fee. However, negotiations took place as Chelsea invested 97.5 million pounds (approximately 154.7 billion won) in Lukaku, and Inter Milan are insisting that they will not sell Lukaku as much as Lautaro when it sells Lukaku.

However, Tottenham remain determined to continue to seduce Inter Milan, whose financial situation has deteriorated rapidly. If you look at Tottenham’s transfer market so far, it’s not strange to call it an all-time recruitment move. Brienne Hill, a Spanish supernova, was recruited through cash with Eric Lamela, and Pierre Luigi Golini, who showed excellent performance in Serie A, was brought on loan.

Also, in order to make the most of the club’s financial situation, Christian Romero, one of the best defenders in the Italian league, has also been fully recruited after the loan, raising expectations among fans. Rautaro is the best resource to focus on. 토토사이트

Of course, many analysts say that Tottenham are aiming for Lautaro in preparation for Harry Kane’s departure. Pep Guardiola Manchester City coach is already publicly Lions wanted Cain, and when that person. Kane explained the absence of training, but it is clear that Kane’s relationship with the club is already deteriorating. “BBC” also analyzed, “If Tottenham can bring Lautaro, the possibility of Kane moving to Manchester City will increase.”

Negotiations with Inter Milan are also important, but Tottenham cannot play in the Champions League, so they should also pay attention to persuading players. “Rautaro is not going to fight with the club to leave Inter Milan,” said Alejandro Camano, currently Lautaro’s agent. He is a player for Inter Milan and is happy in Italy.

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