Tsubaki Sannomiya A beautiful woman with outstanding appearance

Tsubaki Sannomiya 三宮つばき

Tsubaki Sannomiya

Date of birth: 1998-05-04 (24 years old)
Height: 150 cm
Body size: B89 / W54 / H83
Cup size: G cup
Debut: August 20

A beautiful woman with outstanding appearance, arrogance, and conceptual personality.

Cooking, French, swimming, beautiful looks and personality.

An actor who has everything except acting skills.

In the past, Korean-American users tweeted,

“I like Koreans, Chinese and Taiwanese,” and

“Your comments are annoying to the eyes of Koreans,”

and the anecdote that demanded consideration is famous.토토사이트

According to an interview, he joined the AV industry because she liked to be happy.

Tsubaki Sannomiya also appeared on Shimiken YouTube’s Korean channel.

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