World best-selling SUVs have become more powerful, Volkswagen Tiguan.

World best-selling SUVs have become more powerful, Volkswagen Tiguan.


One of the things you feel when you test drive both cars and motorcycles is that there are cars that are especially difficult to use. Cars with test-drive features such as design, performance, and various additional functions can be easily used, but cars that don’t stand out can be difficult. The Volkswagen Tiguan, which was a test drive today, is just like that. It is hard to say that the design is fancy, and it is not a car that boasts outstanding performance.

But if you take this the other way around, it means that Tiguan has an even minimum above-average capability, which is nothing outstanding but hard to say is lagging behind among those factors. The design is easy-to-use “German brand” with no difference between likes or dislikes, and the performance is not comparable to high-performance racing cars, but it is suitable for daily use, and the additional functions are also equipped with functions that are convenient, if not state-of-the-the-the-art. Considering that we were able to win the title of the world’s best-selling SUV with so many things we needed, wouldn’t Tiguan’s charm lie in its “easyness”?

Of course, as times change, evolution must be achieved accordingly. Tiguan also released a partial change model in line with the trend of the times. Although not only the interval between generations but also the partial change is not short, one of the factors that has earned the great title of bestseller is that they continue to update without being indifferent to changes.

The point of this Tiguan 2nd Generation Partial Change Model is the introduction of 3A strategy. The main contents of the 3A strategy are to make it accessible to anyone, reduce maintenance costs (Affordable), and actively introduce cutting-edge technologies (Advanced). Last year, Volkswagen announced that it would lead the popularization of the imported car market with five SUVs, including 5T, T-Rock, Tiguan, Tiguan AllSpace, Tuarek and Teramont, which means that it will further accelerate by adding 3A strategies. As all 3A strategies will be applied to vehicles introduced in the future starting with this Tigu plan, Volkswagen is expected to have a significant impact on not only the imported car market but also the entire domestic car market.안전놀이터

Unfortunately, there is no design part in the 3A strategy, so it is hard to see major changes. But in some places changes have been applied that cannot be seen lightly. The most representative one is the headlights. You may think there is none other than a slightly longer eye tail, but if you take a step closer, you can see the name “I.Q.LIGHT” engraved on the side of the headlight. One of Volkswagen’s 3A policies, Advanced, is a state-of-the-art headlight with dynamic light assist that provides night vision without affecting other drivers.

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