Yui Shirasaka Innocent short-haired literary girl who likes mystery novels.

Yui Shirasaka 白坂有以

Yui Shirasaka

Date of birth: 2000-07-07 (22)
Height: 156 cm
Body Size: B86 / W59 / H88
Cup size: E cup
Debut: January 20

Innocent short-haired literary girl who likes mystery novels.

Nickname Uipyong(ゆいぴょん). Short-cut giant beautiful girl. Office Dino (DINO).

When she was in middle school, he played Euphonium in a drunken band.

a girl of literature who likes books My hobby is reading mystery novels.

My favorite writers are Maruo Suhehiro, Edogawa Ranpo, and Yumeno Qusaku. have a grotesque taste

Other than that, I have a hobby of anime or music.

While modeling for a culture magazine as a female college student, she was scouted as an AV actress on the street.

He debuted as an exclusive actor for Moody’s in 2020. I only remember seeing sample videos about AV before.

I have two boyfriends before my debut. I thought it’d be better if you couldn’t see the fur there.

In his debut film, he filmed it with his hair shaved off and is growing his hair again from his third film.

I’m a fast. I often wear black dresses because I like them.안전놀이터

Yui Shirasaka Twitter @shirasaka_yui Instagram @shirasaka_yui

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