Yura Kano S1 Supernova Cutie with Unexpected Voice

Yura Kano 架乃ゆら

Yura Kano

Date of birth: 1998-12-28 (24 years old)
Height: 156 cm
Body size: B82 / W59 / H88
Cup size: D cup
Debut: November 17

S1 Supernova Cutie with Unexpected Voice

He is from Okayama Prefecture and currently lives in Okayama Prefecture.

My hobby is cycling. I worked in the drama club in middle school and art club in high school.

My ideal type is someone who is soft and chubby.

An actor who gives unexpected charms with a sticky voice that you can’t imagine when looking young.

Nene Yoshitaka and Miru Sakamichi are the three major supernovae leading S-One.

His strength is his lovely acting, and he is an actor with a slim figure and great acting skills.

Her nickname is Yura. She’s been a model since high school, and she’s been a nude model.

He made his AV debut in 2017 with a catch copy of “Infinite Transparency”.

They’re doing a great job on the girl group Ebis Mascats. LINX. 파워볼사이트

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