“Air Conditioner”, an amazing car that didn’t exist in the world.

“Air Conditioner”, an amazing car that didn’t exist in the world.

Air Conditioner

Hyundai Motor has applied for a patent for a new and unique future air conditioner system.

Automotive interiors have maintained fundamentally the same layout for the past half century. The steering wheel is in a certain position, and the gear lever is almost fixed on the right side. In addition, vents add splendor with circular, square, and surrounding lights depending on the vehicle, but have controlled the indoor temperature in almost the same way and shape.파워볼게임

However, Hyundai Motor’s U.S. patent-applied air conditioner system introduced by foreign media Carbus is fundamentally different. According to the patent, it is expected to improve the efficiency of the air conditioner system as well as show a much cleaner interior than before. The interior in the image consists of small pieces that can emit air or light and sound through the open gaps of all burps surrounding the room.

The motivation for new technology development is to show the flow of viewing vehicles as a new living space beyond just means of transportation. With the increasingly advanced autonomous driving technology, passengers are unlikely to sit only in fixed seats. Patents such as rotating seats or steering wheels capable of positioning have already been filed.

If passengers are free to move, it will be difficult to meet the needs of passengers at small vents with limited exercise ranges as before. This patent is Hyundai Motor’s solution to this.

According to the description of the patent, “several cells (small holes) each correspond to one opening and function as a ventilation port for the vehicle while the cell is open. This gap can emit not only air but also light and sound.”

As can be seen from the picture, unlike conventional vents, this advanced system does not need to be installed limited to dashboards. The vehicle ventilation system may be made more flexible while being arranged along the headliner, and opening and closing may be adjusted according to the need of passengers.

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