“Average age: 31.” Lakers succeeded. It depends on AD.

“Average age: 31.” Lakers succeeded. It depends on AD.


Local media predict that Anthony Davis (28) will determine the performance of the Los Angeles Lakers this season, which has recruited a large number of “famous veteran players.”

The U.S. newspaper USA Today ranked third in the 2021-22 NBA pre-season power rankings, negatively seeing the Lakers signing Russell Westbrook (33), Dwight Howard (35), Rajon Rondo (35) and Dianre Jordan (33) this summer (Korea Standard Time).

USA Today predicted, “If Davis recovers his physical condition and shows his original skills, the Lakers will be the strongest in the NBA Western Conference.”

Currently, the average age of entry for Lakers 15 is 30 years and 9 months. Star LeBron James (37) will enter his late 30s next year. USA Today also said, “It is questionable whether LeBron and Davis will match Westbrook with the Lakers’ new big three. “As not only Westbrook but also Howard, Rondo, and Jordan come, the gap between colleagues on the court may narrow and it may be difficult to create opportunities,” he said.

If you’re older, your energy level will probably fall. It is difficult to move more than young players in the absence of a ball. In addition, Westbrook, Howard, Rondo, and Jordan all have poor outer shots. There is a high possibility that the use of space will become tight.

Still, the Lakers are full of expectations that “they will do it at an important moment.” Davis, who is still in his late 20s, deserves to be considered a favorite to win if he shows his 2015·2017·2020 NBA best 5 performances again without major injuries.안전놀이터

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