BMW’s flagship electric SUV, iX a new luxury

BMW’s flagship electric SUV, iX a new luxury


BMW, which announced plans to reduce 200 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2030, is at the center of BMW. The iX is a flagship SUV that presents a new luxury in the era of electricity.

The iX is released in two trims: xDrive 50 and xDrive 40. The xDrive 50 performs a maximum output of 385 KWh (523 horsepower) and can travel up to 630 km based on WLTP. The xDrive 40 generates a force of 240 KWh (326 horsepower) and travels up to a distance of 425 km based on WLTP.

The iX has a size of 4,953×1,967×1,695 mm and is larger than the X5 (4,922×2,004×1,745 mm). In addition, the wheel base is 3,000 mm, which is 25 mm wider than X5.

The iX uses an aluminum space frame structure and carbon cage loops, side and rear carbon fiber reinforced plastics to minimize weight and increase body rigidity.

The high voltage battery located at the bottom of the vehicle body lowers the center of gravity and provides agile handling by distributing uniform weight.

The iX’s electric four-wheel drive system transmits an accurate amount of torque to the front and rear wheels.토토사이트

Power transmission changes from efficient rear wheel driving to four-wheel driving that maximizes traction through intelligent control. It takes 4.6 seconds for iX xDrive 50 and 6.1 seconds for iX xDrive 40 to reach 100 km/h from stationary state. The suspension offers BMW’s unique ride with a double wishbone in the front and a five-link rear axle in the back.

The iDrive display is first applied to iX. Based on the new BMW OS 8, it is designed with an emphasis on the operation of the BMW curved display’s touch screen and voice communication with BMW Intelligent Personal Secretary. The BMW curved display consists of a 12.3-inch information display and a control display with a 14.9-inch diagonal screen.

BMW iX will be produced at its Dingolfing plant in Germany and will be released globally in the fourth quarter.

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